(?) Luersen

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Elwanda Lyles

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Family: E. T. Tarpley

Aage Mogenssøn Lyndberg

M, b. 1703, d. 1 October 1762
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  • Birth*: Aage Mogenssøn Lyndberg was born in 1703.
  • Marriage*: He married Kirsten Jensdatter on 17 June 1729.
  • Marriage*: Aage Mogenssøn Lyndberg married Anna Maria Pedersdatter Storm.
  • Death*: Aage Mogenssøn Lyndberg died on 1 October 1762.

Family 1: Kirsten Jensdatter d. 1755

Family 2: Anna Maria Pedersdatter Storm d. 25 Mar 1800

Mogens Peter Lønberg (Lyndberg)

M, b. 1 January 1759, d. 18 June 1831
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Family: Anna Catherine Holm b. 1 Nov 1757, d. 28 Dec 1828

Erik Lønberg

M, b. 10 August 1791, d. 20 October 1857
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  • Note*: He On March 16 1935, you could read in the newspaper "Folketidende for Ringsted, Sorø, and Haslev" the following: "Yesterday, an exhibit opened in the Industry Building in Copenhagen on the occasion of the 475th anniversary of the Saddler and Paperhanger Association."
    Among furniture and harnesses you can find old relics of the association, among other things a handful of letters-of-appointments and association letters from 4 generations of an old saddle maker family, Lønberg. The oldest of letter of appointment was given in Ringsted in 1785 for Mogens Peter Lønberg, our great great grandfather. The last was for Henrik Lønberg, who is of our family, but not our direct forefather. At the same exhibit was also shown a passport which was issued to Mogens Peter Lønberg, and signed by the Russian Empress Katharina II , and a diary for the period of 1778-1784 for M.P.L., who hence got to see a fair part of the world before he settled in Ringsted about 1781.
    A few days later you could in the same paper read more about M.P.L. He was born in Slagelse, and he went traveling to, among other places, Russia where he spent several years. At one time he was working in the imperial Palace, and Empress Katharina II was taken by the good-looking Dane with the curly hair. She demanded that he immediately should be ennobled and appointed to the court, but that didn't exactly suit M.P.L. The reason for his reluctance was that there seemed to be a tradition for that kind of gestures sooner or later ending with the receiver leaving the court a head shorter, so he opted to escape.

    I have, during the spring of 1994, been to the federal archive in Copenhagen and looked through their entire stock of old writings of the Saddler and Paperhanger Association. I found several appointment letters and diaries, but not for M.P.L. The ones exhibited in 1935 might be in the possession of someone in the Lønberg Family in an unknown place, supposedly in the part of the family who has carried on with the saddle maker craft.

    As mentioned earlier M.P.L was supposedly born in Slagelse, but I have not had time to verify it. He is first listed in the census for Ringsted Parish in 1787, where he is listed as Mogens Petersson, 29 years old, married first time to Anne Holmsdatter. At that time they have a 2-year-old son, Carl Amunde, who later will take over the Saddle Maker business. Later, they will have 5 more children, among them, our great grandfather, Erik. In the church book, where the oldest son is listed, the father is listed as M.P. Lyngberg, and later, in the 1790s he is listed as saddle maker Lønberg. Next time I "meet him" on the paper, at the 1801 census, his name is Lønberg and that continues. M.P. L does well in his business and is appointed Master Saddle Maker in 1796. I found a report from his acceptance to the Society of Masters, signed by him. I have asked for a copy of the acceptance proceedings, but I haven't yet received it. There is nothing special about the words in this document, but he signed it himself and when you see it I think you will agree that the writing looks a lot like our grandfathers.

    Following this I am missing some information. For instance, I do not know the educational background of our great grandfather, Erik. I find him first time in the census for Ringsted in 1834 where he is unmarried and works as a helper for Alcohol Distiller Monrad on the town square in Ringsted.

    But then something happens. On September 30 1840 he marries widow Kirsten Christiansdatter, and he moves in with her at her small place in Englerup, just outside Ringsted. Kirsten was married at age of17 to a widower, 47-year-old Frederik Gliese, who still had 3 of his 5 children living at home. She immediately became the stepmother for Maren, 11, Trine, 9, and Marie, 4 years old. Three years later, she has her first child with Frederik, Christian, and 2 years later, Ane Kathrine. After 9 years of marriage, her husband dies in February of 1840, and 2 weeks later she gives birth to a son, Hans.

    The day after her husband's death, three men from the probate court show up at her house, among them the county justice. They have come to evaluate the property in detail. We learn about the size and the value of the property and some interesting details about a red buggy, 2 black horses (4 and 18 years old), a black cow (6 years old), and 4 hens and a rooster, a bench, a pair of sheep shears, 5 bundles of unbroken hemp, etc. (I brought with me the material as far as I have been able to translate it. Both my husband, Ib, and I have spent many hours translating photocopies of gothic writing, so we welcome all the words you can give us.)

    So what does a widow do who still has four children to raise? Well, she finds a new provider, so Kirsten marries our great great grandfather, Erik Lønberg, on September 30 1840.
    They soon have more children, and in 1842, the most interesting one, our great grandfather Mogens Peter Lønberg is born. Being the oldest son, he is clearly named, as was customary at the time, after the father's father. Later comes August, Medea Kirstine, Mariane and Niels Peter. They continue to run the smallholding, and the children move away about when they turn 14.
    Erik dies in October 1857 after 17 years of marriage, and once again the probate court appears to evaluate the small home, though this time it is less thorough than the first time.

    The funny thing is that all the sons of Erik and Kirsten, Mogens, August, and Niels Peter move to Copenhagen. August operates a grocery store on Værnedams Street together with his wife, Maren Kirstine, and Niels Peter works as a Hall Porter. His first wife dies, and he then marries Karen who survives him.

    But back to Kirsten, who is once again a widow with 6 children under 18 years old.
    Apparently, she has a good relationship with her stepchildren from her first marriage, because there are several godparents to her and Erik's children who are from the Gliese family. A year after Erik's death, she marries for the third time, this time with Hans Pedersen who was about 10 years younger than her. We think that he also dies, so Kirsten is widowed a total of 3 times. It must have been a hard life, and I have really taken an interest in her life story. Actually, she has for a long period been a part of my daily life. Of all of them, she is the one I can best relate to. We will soon take a little trip to Englerup to see what the house looks like now. I can use my imagination, even if it has changed.

    Mogens Peter L. (our great grandfather) was sent to Ringsted when he is 14. He stayed with his master , Tailor Peter Møller in Pileborggade in the front house. The tailor is a widower with 7 children, the oldest 19 years old, and the youngest only 2. The poor man \ had to bring in his 74 year old mother-in-law in order to handle the household, which in addition to our great grandfather counted a bachelor tailor journeyman and two servants. I don't know how long he stayed there, but the next time I find him he is mentioned in the census in Copenhagen where it is written that he, together with his wife, Karen Marie Kristensen has moved to the city when she was 24, i.e. in 1866. They live in Adelsgade 115; it is the part that is closest to Nyboder. In 1885, they live in Nansensgade 40 B, and they live there until he dies in March 1900. I still haven't found out how long Karen Marie lived. I know he continued to make a living as a tailor, but I don't know where.

    M.P.L. and Karen Marie had 5 children: Ingeborg (married to Ola C.V.), Bertha, (born August 22, 1873), Carl Christian (born Dec. 25, 1876)(he is for us the most interesting), Anna (born ca. 1880 )(married to Henrik Heidenheim), and Marie, b. 1884, who emigrated to USA.

    Some of the people I have mentioned here I recognize from talking to my grandmother, Petra Lønberg, and from their get-togethers, in particular the Christmas day events at Trånegards Street. There were, among others, Ingeborg and her husband, O.C.V., Anna Heidenheim, and some people from grandmother's side that I haven't gotten to yet.

    If you are able to correct or add to what I have mentioned, I am very open to it. The best part about this hobby is that the more you give, the more you get.

    Author: Aase Lund, Ascension Day, May 12 1994.

Family: Kirsten Christiansdatter b. 24 Aug 1811, d. a 1895

Marie Emilie Lønberg

F, b. 2 February 1884, d. 26 July 1975

Hoffman and Marie (Lønberg) Peterson, 1910

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         Marie Emilie Lønberg was born on February 2, 1884 at Sct. Johannes Sogn (District), Copenhagen, Denmark. Her father died in 1900 when she was 16 years old. She worked at Illums Department Store in downtown Copenhagen as a secretary for the owner. She spoke Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and German. Family strife caused her, at the age of 25, to leave Copenhagen for the United States. She traveled on the S.S. United States under contract number 3053. She arrived at Ellis Island on August 24, 1909. Her destination was listed as Fort France, Ontario, Canada, which is just across the Rainy River from International Falls, Minnesota. She was living in Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota when she met Jörgen Hoffman Peterson, son of Peder Pedersen and Johanne Peders-Datter. They were married on August 11, 1910 at Fargo, Cass County, North Dakota.

         After ten years of marriage, Marie decided to take her three daughters home to her family in Denmark. She and May stayed with her sister Anna; Esther stayed with sister Bertha; Helen stayed with sister Ingeborg. After a year, the girls were speaking fluent Danish and had almost forgotten English. Marie could not find suitable employment and the family situation was less than pleasant. Marie and the girls returned to Texas. Marie worked as a practical nurse, nanny and housemaid for affluent families in Houston. Hoffman attained a passport in 1921 but no records have been discovered of him using it. She and Hoffman remained separated until his death in 1948.

         On September 8, 1950, Marie married Paul Emil Carlson, a retired cement finisher and native of Sweden. Marie and Paul lived at 7922 Adrian Street in Houston. Paul died in 1962. Marie enjoyed excellent health all of her life. On July 26, 1975, at 91, she died of old age. She was buried at Forest Park East, Webster, Texas.
  • Immigration: She in 1884 Polk County, Minnesota; is listed in the Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957 [database online]. Orem, UT, edited by Conrad Peterzen. Reel 2, Code 4, Volume D, Page 446.
  • Note: Her father died when she was 16 years old.
  • Occupation: She was worked at Illum's Department Store in Copenhagen as secretary to the store owner.
  • Emigration: She emigrated on 24 August 1909 from at Copenhagen, Denmark, arriving at Ellis Island, New York, on the S. S. United States. She was 25 yrs old and listed her destination as Fort France, Ontario Canada under contract number 3053; occupation - waitress; Friend: Nels Holbeck, Moorehead, Minnesota.
  • Emigration: She emigrated on 29 April 1910 from Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada; from Fort Frances, Ontario (arrived Montreal, Aug 25, 1909 aboard the SS "United States"), port of arrival - International Falls, Minnesota; age 26, occupation - waitress, speaks English, no relatives, passage paid by Self, Friend: Nels Holbeck, Moorehead, Minnesota, paid $20 head tax status Class-B, #10647; Height - 5' 4", Complexion - Fair, Hair - Brown, Eyes - Blue, Distinguishing Marks - Scar on upper lip; Admitted 4/29/1910, Ferry.
  • Note: She lived in Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota.
  • Census1920: The 1920 Federal Census enumerated her as head of household on 31 January 1920 Clark Street Road, Justice Precinct 1, Harris County, Texas; Hoffman Peterson, age 56, emigrated 1880, naturalized 1890, can read and write, born Denmark; wife Marie, age 36, emigrated 1910, alien, can read and write, born Denmark; Esther, age 6, born North Dakota, Helen, age 4, born North Dakota, May, age 2, born Texas.
  • Note: She took her three children to Denmark for a year; passport no. 24743; sailed to Denmark aboard the "United States" on May 19, 1921, returned aboard the "Oruna" from Southampton March 26, 1922, arriving in New York on April 17, 1922 from 19 May 1921 to 17 April 1922.
  • Note: She and Hoffman Peterson separated when Helen was 11 or 12 years old. in 1927.
  • Residence*: Marie Emilie Lønberg resided between 1929 and 1930 at 1602 Rusk Ave, Houston.
  • (Witness) Census1930: The 1930 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of Hoffman Peterson's household; Peterson, Herman - head, m/w/64/married, born Denmark, parents born Denmark, language Danish, a miller at a dairy, land owner, valued at $1600.
  • (Witness) Census1940: The 1940 Federal Census enumerated Marie Emilie Peterson as a member of Lee Daniel Cooper's household; collector for an auto dealer. Hofman was retired, Marie worked as a nurse.

Family 1: Hoffman Peterson b. 6 Apr 1863, d. 3 May 1948

Family 2: Paul Emil Carlson b. 31 Jan 1885, d. 6 Mar 1962

Mogens Peter Lønberg

M, b. 11 May 1842, d. 16 March 1900

Mogens Lønberg

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Family: Karen Marie Christensdatter b. 16 Dec 1838, d. 12 Jun 1912

William Mackey

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Family: Allie Goyne b. c 1880

Robert Mackley

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Family: Ethel Dean b. 1922

Chloe Mahurin

F, b. 9 January 1792, d. 19 December 1860
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Family: Chester McClure b. 8 Dec 1790, d. 19 Dec 1863

John Mahurin

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  • Marriage*: John Mahurin married Anna (?).

Family: Anna (?)

Robert Felton Maillot

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Troy Douglas Maley

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Joseph Paul Mallett

M, b. 18 February 1917, d. 7 January 1997
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Family: Alberta G. Wilson b. 16 Apr 1916, d. 26 Nov 2003

Norma Jane Mallett

F, b. 9 February 1938, d. 16 November 2008
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  • Birth*: Norma Jane Mallett was born on 9 February 1938.
  • Death*: She died on 16 November 2008 at age 70.

Susan Maloney

F, b. 17 February 1816, d. 25 March 1880
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Family: Harry B. McClure b. 31 Dec 1814, d. 1888

Alfred Raymond Manning Sr.

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Brenda Elaine Manning

F, b. 17 November 1958, d. 21 March 1997
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  • Birth*: Brenda Elaine Manning was born on 17 November 1958 at El Paso, Texas.
  • Marriage*: She married Patrick Rauel Emery on 1 July 1978.
  • Divorce*: Brenda Elaine Manning and Patrick Rauel Emery were divorced in 1982.
  • Death*: Brenda Elaine Manning died on 21 March 1997 at age 38.

Maynard Mansfield

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Family: Suzanne Goe

Ruby Mansfield

F, b. 7 July 1904, d. 6 January 1981
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Family: W. T. "Tip" Frazer b. 22 Sep 1889, d. 27 Oct 1967

W H Mansfield

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Mary Manuell

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Family 1: Stephen Pease

Family 2: Stephen H. Garey Sr. b. 1650, d. c 1691/92

Family 3: Gooing Foote

C. Margraves (NR)

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James D. Marks

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Family: Opal Gertrude Harrell b. 27 Jul 1913, d. 7 Sep 1998

Amy Harriet Marshall

F, b. 27 December 1835, d. 1 November 1934

Harriet Cooper, age 90, 1925

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  • (Witness) Census1850: The 1850 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of William Marshall's household; Marshall, William, head, 42/m, real estate valued at $400, Nancy, 44/f, John, 19/m, Joseph F., 16/m, Harriet, 14/f,all born North Carolina, Elizabeth, 12/f, Francis, 8/f, William S., 6/m, all born Alabama.
  • (Witness) Census1880: The 1880 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of Sylvester Cooper's household; Cooper, Sylvester, head, w/m/49, farmer, maimed-yes, born Alabama, father born North Carolina, mother born Alabama.
  • Tax Rolls*: She is listed on tax rolls as having 48 1/2 acres of land, horses, mules, cattle and hogs. 1896 DeWitt County, Texas.
  • Note*: Amy Harriet Cooper applied for Confederate Soldier Pension, stating that she was 63 years old on December 27, 1898, resided in Terryville, DeWitt County, Texas since July 1, 1875, was married to Sylvester Cooper on February 2, 1853, at Houston, Mississippi, that Sylvester died on May 15, 1883, that he was in the 17th Mississippi Infantry, Company A, enlisted March, 1862, lost his leg in battle in October 1864, did not get home till after the war; sold a half interest in 56 acres of land in DeWitt County, received $175.00 on October 27, 1897; that she came to Texas in 1866 and signed by Harriett Cooper, witnessed by D. W. Dass and J. C. Cooper. A Certificate of County Judge and County Commissioners is attached. An Application for Mortuary Warrant is also attached stating that Mrs. Harriett Cooper, pensioner of the State of Texas, file number 5093, died on November 1, 1934 in the home of Marshall J. Cooper, son, residing at 111 Anderson St., Houston, Texas on 22 December 1899.
  • (Witness) Census1900: The 1900 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of Marshall Jerone Cooper's household; Cooper, Marshall, head, w/m/Aug 1872/27/married 1 year, born Texas, father born Mississippi, mother born Mississippi, farmer, rent, farm, Addie, wife, w/f/1876/24/married 1 year, born Texas, father and mother born Texas, Harriet, mother, w/f/1835/65/widowed, born Mississippi, father and mother born Mississippi.
  • (Witness) Census1910: The 1910 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of Marshall Jerone Cooper's household; Cooper, Marshall, head, m/w/37, married 10 years, born Texas, father and mother born Alabama, farmer, renter, Addie M., wife, f/w/34, 7 children, born Texas, father and mother born Texas, Amy G., daughter, f/w/9, born Texas, Effie, f/w/8, born Texas, Sylvester, son, m/w/6, born Texas, Earl W.m/w/4, born Texas, Lee D., son, m/w/2, born Texas, Jewell, daughter, f/w/ 0/12, born Texas, Newell, son, m/w/0/12, born Texas, Amy H, mother, f/w/74, 7 children, 5 alive, born Alabama, father and mother born North Carolina.
  • (Witness) Residence: Amy Harriet Marshall witnessed the residence of Marshall Jerone Cooper and Mary Adeline "Addie" Rice between 1929 and 1930 at 13 Anderson St, Houston, Texas; was a quill winder for narrow fabrics at the Houston Textile Mills; renter.
  • Residence*: Amy Harriet Cooper resided between 1929 and 1931 at 13 Anderson, Houston, Texas; lived at 11 1/2 Anderson in 1929-1930; at 3 Anderson in 1930-1931.
  • Residence: She resided between 1930 and 1931 at 111 Anderson, Houston.
  • (Witness) Census1930: The 1930 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of Marshall Jerone Cooper's household; Cooper, Marshall, head, renter, monthly rent 20, married, age at first marriage 28, cannot read and write, night watchman, textile mill, Mary A, wife, f/w/54, age at first marriage 24, can read and write, born Texas, father and mother born Texas, Lee, son, m/w/22, born Texas, insurance agent, Jewel, daughter, f/w/20,born Texas, textile mill filler, Harper, son, m/w/17, born Texas, textile mill napper.

Family: Sylvester Cooper b. 2 Sep 1830, d. 15 May 1883

Elizabeth Marshall

F, b. 1838
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  • Birth*: Elizabeth Marshall was born in 1838 at Alabama.
  • (Witness) Census1850: The 1850 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of William Marshall's household; Marshall, William, head, 42/m, real estate valued at $400, Nancy, 44/f, John, 19/m, Joseph F., 16/m, Harriet, 14/f,all born North Carolina, Elizabeth, 12/f, Francis, 8/f, William S., 6/m, all born Alabama.

Francis Marshall

F, b. 1842
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  • Birth*: Francis Marshall was born in 1842 at Alabama.
  • (Witness) Census1850: The 1850 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of William Marshall's household; Marshall, William, head, 42/m, real estate valued at $400, Nancy, 44/f, John, 19/m, Joseph F., 16/m, Harriet, 14/f,all born North Carolina, Elizabeth, 12/f, Francis, 8/f, William S., 6/m, all born Alabama.

John Marshall

M, b. 1831
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  • (Witness) Census1850: The 1850 Federal Census enumerated him as a member of William Marshall's household; Marshall, William, head, 42/m, real estate valued at $400, Nancy, 44/f, John, 19/m, Joseph F., 16/m, Harriet, 14/f,all born North Carolina, Elizabeth, 12/f, Francis, 8/f, William S., 6/m, all born Alabama.

Joseph F. Marshall

M, b. 1834
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  • (Witness) Census1850: The 1850 Federal Census enumerated him as a member of William Marshall's household; Marshall, William, head, 42/m, real estate valued at $400, Nancy, 44/f, John, 19/m, Joseph F., 16/m, Harriet, 14/f,all born North Carolina, Elizabeth, 12/f, Francis, 8/f, William S., 6/m, all born Alabama.

Sarah "Sally" Marshall

F, b. 22 May 1809, d. 2 August 1878
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Family: John Edward Cooper b. 28 Apr 1806, d. 23 Jul 1882