Hannah Oliver

     Hannah Oliver married Nathaniel Wilson.


Nathaniel Wilson

(?) Terry

     (?) Terry married Mary E. "Tillie" Hodges, daughter of Daniel Hodges and Francis Caroline Wofford.


Mary E. "Tillie" Hodges b. 8 May 1873, d. 31 Oct 1946

Kevin Eric Robertson

M, b. 1964, d. 2015
     Kevin Eric Robertson was born in 1964 at Florida. He died in 2015.

Wallace Redolpho Skipton

M, b. 7 February 1864
MotherSarah Ferona Brown b. 29 Feb 1836
Relationship2nd cousin 3 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Wallace Redolpho Skipton was born on 7 February 1864 at Ohio.

Delia Blevins

F, b. 1915
     Delia Blevins was born in 1915. She married Beryl Marshall Elkins, son of James Silas "Sie" Elkins and Amy Gertrude Cooper, on 6 August 1982.


Beryl Marshall Elkins b. 2 Sep 1927, d. 3 Feb 1991

Harry Lee Granberry

M, b. 1929, d. 19 July 2008
FatherRuy Moses Granberry b. 1903, d. 1981
Relationship4th cousin of Anita Jean Cooper
     Harry Lee Granberry was born in 1929. He died on 19 July 2008 at Alvin, Texas, and was buried at Hebron Cemetery.

Delbert Herman White

     Delbert Herman White married Juanita Fern Kirkland, daughter of James Monroe Kirkland and Maude Melinda Sirmon. Delbert Herman White died.


Juanita Fern Kirkland b. 18 Aug 1917, d. 16 Jul 2008

Ane (?)

F, d. circa 1776
Relationship4th great-grandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
     Ane (?) married Anders Hansen Dreyer. Ane (?) died circa 1776.


Anders Hansen Dreyer b. c 1719, d. c 1789

(?) (?)

F, d. 1771
Relationship4th great-grandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
     (?) (?) married Hans Henrichsen, son of Henrich Simonssøn and Ellen Berthelsdatter. (?) (?) died in 1771.


Hans Henrichsen b. c 1737

Bodil Andersdatter

F, b. 1758
     Bodil Andersdatter was born in 1758. She married Peder Olsen.


Peder Olsen b. 1752

Maren Andersdatter

F, b. circa 1767
FatherAnders Hansen Dreyer b. c 1719, d. c 1789
MotherAne (?) d. c 1776
Relationship3rd great-grandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
     Maren Andersdatter was born circa 1767. She married Hans Sørensen, son of Søren Nielsen, on 24 November 1798 at Abbetved, Kirke Saaby Sogn, Denmark.


Hans Sørensen b. c 1766, d. 10 Feb 1799

Ellen Berthelsdatter

Relationship5th great-grandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
     Ellen Berthelsdatter married Henrich Simonssøn.


Henrich Simonssøn b. c 1694, d. 1758

Karen Marie Christensdatter

F, b. 16 December 1838, d. 12 June 1912
FatherChristen Rasmussen b. 22 Sep 1796, d. 13 Feb 1872
MotherAne Hansdatter b. 20 Jul 1799, d. 1 Oct 1849
RelationshipGreat-grandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
     Karen Marie Christensdatter was born on 16 December 1838 at Voldborg Herred, Københavns Amt., Denmark. She married Mogens Peter Lønberg, son of Erik Lønberg and Kirsten Christiansdatter, on 4 December 1869 at Roskilde Cathederal. Karen Marie Christensdatter died on 12 June 1912 at Copenhagen, Denmark, at age 73.


Mogens Peter Lønberg b. 11 May 1842, d. 16 Mar 1900

Kirsten Christiansdatter

F, b. 24 August 1811, d. after 1895
FatherChristian Envoldsen b. c 1769, d. 17 Oct 1830
MotherCathrine Hansdatter b. c 1771, d. 11 Apr 1832
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
     Kirsten Christiansdatter was born on 24 August 1811 at Tiereby, Denmark. She married Frederik Gliese in 1833. Kirsten Christiansdatter married Erik Lønberg, son of Mogens Peter Lønberg (Lyndberg) and Anna Catherine Holm, on 30 September 1840 at Sigersted Parish, Denmark. Kirsten Christiansdatter married Hans Pedersen. Kirsten Christiansdatter died after 1895.

Family 1

Frederik Gliese b. 1778

Family 2

Erik Lønberg b. 10 Aug 1791, d. 20 Oct 1857

Family 3

Hans Pedersen b. 1823

Jörgen Christiansen

M, b. 19 December 1841, d. 29 May 1898
Jorgen Christiansen
     Jörgen Christiansen was born on 19 December 1841 at Ordrup, St. Taastrup, Denmark. He married Johanne Peders-Datter, daughter of Peder Johansen and Karen Hansdatter, on 15 October 1871 at Haraldsted, Denmark. Jörgen Christiansen was husmand (small land holder), daglejer (worker at a farm who was engaged for one day at a time) at Denmark. He resided in 1882 at 1525 West, Racine, Wisconsin; is listed as a blacksmith in the years 1882, 1883-84, 1885, 1887, 1888, 1890-91, 1895. He and Johanne Christiansen appeared on the census of 20 June 1885 at Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin, household of 3 males (Jorgen, Hoffman, Niels John), 2 females (Johanna, Frederikke), all born in Scandanavia. Jörgen Christiansen was naturalized on 3 December 1889 at Racine County, Wisconsin; applied November 6, 1882; witnessed by Wm Anderson and K. W. Jensen; oath of alligance on December 3, 1884. He died on 29 May 1898 at Racine, Wisconsin, at age 56 paralysis of heart. He was buried grave 8, lot 90, block 20 at Mound Cemetery, Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin.


Johanne Peders-Datter b. 25 Jul 1829, d. 9 Nov 1908