Hannah Oliver

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Family: Nathaniel Wilson

Patience Olney

F, b. 22 November 1778
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Family: Phineas Coburn b. 12 Sep 1766, d. 29 Sep 1848

Rosamond Olney

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Family: Nicholas Coburn b. 16 Sep 1772, d. 18 Apr 1848

Ole Olsen

M, b. 1721, d. 3 August 1804
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  • Birth*: Ole Olsen was born in 1721.
  • Marriage*: He married Inger Jensdatter.
  • Death*: Ole Olsen died on 3 August 1804.

Family: Inger Jensdatter d. 3 Aug 1799

Peder Olsen

M, b. 1752
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  • Census*: Peder Olsen appeared on the census of 1787 at Haraldsted, Ringsted Sorø, Denmark, Peder Olsen, 35, forester; Bodil Andersdatter, 29; Maren Pedersdatter, 4; Anne Pedersdatter, 2.
  • Census: He appeared on the census of 1801 Peder Olsen, 50; Bodil Andersdatter, 43; Anne Pedersdatter, 16; Johanne Marie Pedersdatter, 11; Peder Pedersen, 1.

Family 1: Bodil Andersdatter b. 1758

Family 2:

Rasmus Olsen

M, b. 1767, d. 22 March 1835
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Family: Johanne Hansdatter kaldet Willardsdatter b. 1767, d. 11 Aug 1842

(?) Orr

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Elizabeth Orr

F, b. 5 May 1787, d. 27 April 1855
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Family: David Lee Cooper b. 12 Oct 1773, d. 30 Oct 1853

Christiana "Anna" Ortlieb1

F, b. 1853
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  • Marriage*: Christiana "Anna" Ortlieb married Seymour S. Garey, son of William Carney Garey and Miranda Shoemaker.
  • Birth*: Christiana "Anna" Ortlieb was born in 1853 at Dushore, Pennsylvania.
  • Death: She died on 23 June 1926.
  • Obituary*: (Posted by piglet123 on ancestry.com Message Boards, P, Sullivan, on 5 Mar 2002:
    The Sullivan Review, June 23, 1926.
    Mrs. Seymour S. Garey, one of the first residents of Elmira Heights in 1895, died Friday night at 11:45 o'clock at the family home, 206 Oakwood avenue, in that village, aged seventy-three years.
    Mrs. Garey was a native of Dushore, Pa. and was highly respected by many friends. She had suffered an extended illness.
    The decedent is survived by her husband, Seymour S. Garey, a merchant in Elmira Heights many years; four sons, John P., Arthur L., Charles S. and Walter C. Garey, all of Elmira Heights; four brothers Jermone N. Ortlieb of Dushore, Pa; Victor Ortlieb of Hollenback, Pa., Morris Ortlieb of Rochester, and Justy Ortlieb of Alaska; Three sisters, Miss Mary Ortlieb of Dushore, Pa; Mrs. William Schmeckenbecher of New Albany, Pa. and Mrs. Floyd Palmer of Ithaca; two grandchildren.
    The funeral was held at the family home, Monday at 2 p.m. The Rev. E. A. Mathews of the Oakwood M.E. Church officiated. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Family: Seymour S. Garey b. 1846


  1. Last Will & Testament of Mrs. Theressa Mosier, dec'd

    Left corner
    No 4
    Tax and fee’s $5.15
    Paid Feb. 21, 1881

    In the name of God, Amen; I, Theressa Mosier of the Township of Cherry. County of Sullivan and State of PA, Widow, being of sound mind memory and understanding, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following:
    And first I direct that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as shall be convenient to my Executor herein after named; And as to all the rest and residue of all the property real personal or mixed of which I shall die seized and possessed or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my decease I divide bequeath and dispose thereof in the manner following to wit:
    Item: I give devise and bequeath to my son Benedict Ortlieb the sum of One Dollar:
    Item: I give devise and bequeath to my grandchildren the children of the said Benedict Ortlieb-- Christiana, now the wife of Seymour Garey, Mary Ortlieb, Jerome Ortlieb, Schuster Ortlieb, Victor Ortlieb, Morris Ortlieb, Laura Ortlieb, Odelphine Ortlieb and Stella Ortlieb, and to their heirs and assigns forever, each the undivided one ninth part of the balance of my property, real personal & mixed which I am now possessed of or may be entitled to at the time of my decease. These requests are to be payable to the said devises when the youngest shall arrive at the full age of twenty-one years.
    Item: I do nominate and appoint my son Benedict Ortlieb, the Executor of this my last will and testament, and direct and empower my said Executor to take full charge control and care of the bequests to my said grandchildren herein named until such a time as the youngest shall arrive at the age of twenty one years. And he to charge such sum or sums as to him shall seem just and proper for the said services to be paid out of my Estate. Real Estate not to be sold by Executor except by order of Orphans Court.
    And lastly I do hereby revoke and make void all former wills by me at any time here before made and declare this only to be my last will and Testament.
    In witness whereof I, Theressa Mosier, the Testator have to this my last will written on three pages of one sheet of legal ____ paper, set my hand and seal this 21st day of April A.D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy nine:

    Theressa Mosier
    (in German)
    Signed sealed published and declared by the above named.

Adeline Otis

F, d. after 1860
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Barnabas Little Otis

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Family: Mehitable Turner

Charles Otis

M, d. circa 1850
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George Tyler Otis

M, b. 2 June 1841, d. 2 July 1933
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Harriet Emeline Otis

F, b. 29 August 1843, d. 20 March 1912
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Lucy Abigail Otis

F, b. circa 1839
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Mary (Molly) Otis

F, b. circa 1837
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Susan F. Otis

F, b. 13 March 1835, d. 13 May 1897
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William F. Otis

M, b. 1 December 1801, d. 22 August 1879
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Family: Sabrina Rice b. 6 Sep 1803, d. 23 Feb 1885

William Frank Otis

M, b. 1834, d. 1903
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Angeline Owen

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Deborah Lorette "Dora" Owen

F, b. 4 June 1901, d. 25 November 1987

Deborah Lorette "Dora" Rice
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Family: Eugene Herman Rice b. 16 Sep 1894, d. 1 Aug 1960

Meeks Owen

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Family: Anna Laurette Phillips

Daniel Owens

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Haslet (Haskill) Owens

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Family: Elizabeth Cooper b. 7 Nov 1823

John Owens

M, b. 1840
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  • Birth*: John Owens was born in 1840.

Mary Owens

F, b. 1844
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  • Birth*: Mary Owens was born in 1844.

Robert Owens

M, b. 1847
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  • Birth*: Robert Owens was born in 1847.

Sarah Owens

F, b. 1842
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  • Birth*: Sarah Owens was born in 1842.

Carroll Eugene Owensby

M, b. 3 April 1922, d. 20 February 1984
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  • Military*: He served in the U S Army Air Corp in 1942.
  • Military: He served in the U S Air Force between 1947 and 1972 retired as Chief Master Sergeant.

Family: Onie Bell Wood b. 29 Feb 1920, d. 21 Jan 1996