Lea Ola Pool

F, (May 12, 1917 - )
     Lea Ola Pool was born on May 12, 1917 at Sugar Land, Texas. She married (?) Richardson. Lea Ola Richardson married James Loyd Fatheree, son of Claude Obanion Fatheree and Ira Dorothy Rice, on Feb 9, 1946 at Houston, Harris County. Lea Ola Fatheree and James Loyd Fatheree were divorced.

Family 1

(?) Richardson

Family 2

James Loyd Fatheree b. Apr 24, 1920, d. May 13, 1986

E. G. Gaida

M, (Aug 16, 1916 - Oct 14, 1986)
     E. G. Gaida was born on Aug 16, 1916. He died on Oct 14, 1986 at age 70.



James E Capps Jr.

M, (Oct 6, 1924 - )
     James E Capps Jr. was born on Oct 6, 1924.

(?) Kelley

M, ( - 1991)
     (?) Kelley died in 1991.


Murl (Laura) Fatheree b. Jan 29, 1930, d. Mar 23, 2007

Wilhemena Minnie Schulz

F, (Dec 24, 1887 - May 1, 1976)
FatherChristian Schulz b. May 12, 1845, d. Feb 23, 1920
MotherFriederika Monke b. Feb 27, 1850, d. May 30, 1918
     Wilhemena Minnie Schulz was born on Dec 24, 1887 at Texas. She married Jesse James Rice, son of William Henry "Roane" Rice and Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie or Lens" Karl, on Aug 22, 1906 at Yoakum, Lavaca County. Wilhemena Minnie Schulz died on May 1, 1976 at Yoakum, Texas, at age 88.


Jesse James Rice b. May 2, 1885, d. Dec 15, 1949

Hanford Maurice Rice

M, (May 3, 1922 - Jan 21, 1987)
FatherJesse James Rice b. May 2, 1885, d. Dec 15, 1949
MotherWilhemena Minnie Schulz b. Dec 24, 1887, d. May 1, 1976
Relationship2nd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
Hanford M. Rice, Sgt, 2nd Infantry Division, 1945
     Hanford Maurice Rice was born on May 3, 1922 at DeWitt County, Texas. He married Emily Ann Schmidt, daughter of Emil Ferdinand Schmidt and Emma Vogt, on May 31, 1942 at Cuero, DeWitt County, Texas. Hanford Maurice Rice died on Jan 21, 1987 at Cloverdale, Sonoma County, California, at age 64. Per Kraig Rice: Hanford Maurice Rice had double heart by-pass surgery and he did pretty good for three years. His doctor told him NOT to eat fatty food and NOT to do strenuous physical exercise. One day I drove over to their house in Cloverdale, Calif. I had breakfast with them and my father was demanding that my mother cook a lot of bacon. He gobbled down a lot of it and wanted all of my discarded bacon fat that I had in a pile on my plate. I gave it to him with a warning- "you are digging your grave with your fork." He was stubborn and refused to listen. Later, he took me down the road to the water pump house and bragged to me and showed me how he had re-wired some of the water pumps. He did that because he was an electrician and President of the South Cloverdale Water Company. His house was also on that water line. He wanted to save them money by doing the work personally. I praised him for his efforts. Some time after that he ate another breakfast with bacon and biscuits made with lard. He grabbed his heavy steel digging bar, hopped in his pickup, and drove about three blocks away to dig out a water valve. While he was engaged in this physical strenuous activity, he had a heart attack. He stepped to his pickup truck, sat down in the driver's seat, and reached for the microphone on his cb radio. He died and collapsed on the seat. His neighbor, Jack Smith, found him that way and called the police. An officer came to the house and told my mother. She said it was like someone had punched her in the stomach. He was buried at Oakmound Cemetery, Healdsburg, California.
     He was an electrical line repairer for an electric company and a civilian band radio broadcasting repairer. He served during World War II was a Staff Sergeant and was in the invasion of Normandy, D-Day plus One at Omaha Beach.
"Some of the soldiers in the 9th Infantry Regiment came out of the 12th Cavalry Regiment of the First Cavalry Division. This division later distinguished itself in the Vietnam War. My father was one of the ones who was transferred. . His full name was HANFORD MAURICE RICE. His military number was 18 011 320. He joined the U.S. Army on 20 July 1940 in the 12th Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division. He joined in Yoakum, Texas. By October 1941 the 12th Cavalry Regiment had been disbanded and he was transferred to the 9th Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Infantry Division. He was a volunteer and not a draftee. He was in A Troop when he was in the 12th Cavalry Regiment He had a tattoo on his shoulder of a horse's head with crossed sabers under it and under that there was the inscription that read: 12th Calvary USA. I asked him how and where he got it. He told me that one night he and his buddies got a week-end pass and they all went to Mexico as they were stationed in Brownsville, Texas, I believe, so all they had to do was go over the border. They all got drunk- and they all got the same tattoo- but he said he was so drunk that he did not remember getting it. I was just looking at some additional records of my father's - the year was 1941. The 12th Calvary was being disbanded- according to the 12th cav. records it was totally disbanded and went out of existence on 28 Feb. 1943. But then it was reorganized and came back to life on 4 Dec. 1943. The men in that regiment were transferred to the 2nd Infantry Division."
This info written and posted by Kraig Rice, October 15, 2004.

Mary Alice Hodges

F, (Dec 16, 1859 - Jan 12, 1931)
FatherDaniel (Progenitor) Hodges b. Nov 10, 1822, d. Dec 4, 1904
MotherMary Wheelace b. 1842
RelationshipGreat-grandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
     Mary Alice Hodges was born on Dec 16, 1859 at Helena, Karnes County, Texas. She married Oren Adelbert Rice, son of Oliver Hugh Rice and Adeline Prudence Courtney, on May 13, 1875 at Goliad County. Mary Alice Rice died on Jan 12, 1931 at DeWitt County at age 71 death certificate no 1809; informant D. O. Rice; cause of death-Bright's Disease

[tombstone says 1928; Printed in The Cuero Record Jan 15, 1931: "Mrs. O. A. Rice who has been sick for some time, passed away Monday morning about 4:00."] and was buried at Alexander Cemetery.
     She sold land for $1.00 to Abraham Bowen on Nov 8, 1887 at DeWitt County.


Oren Adelbert Rice b. Jul 8, 1855, d. Jan 25, 1925

Mary Adeline "Addie" Rice

F, (Mar 28, 1876 - Jan 26, 1945)
FatherOren Adelbert Rice b. Jul 8, 1855, d. Jan 25, 1925
MotherMary Alice Hodges b. Dec 16, 1859, d. Jan 12, 1931
RelationshipGrandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
"Addie" (Rice) and Marshall Cooper
     Mary Adeline "Addie" Rice was born on Mar 28, 1876 at DeWitt County, Texas. She married Marshall Jerone Cooper, son of Sylvester Cooper and Amy Harriet Marshall, on Feb 7, 1900 at Cuero, DeWitt County. Mary Adeline "Addie" Cooper died on Jan 26, 1945 at Houston, Harris County, Texas, at age 68 [residence 4407 Chapman, Houston; undertaker Fogle-Whitaker; informant Lee Cooper; certificate no 0362] and was buried at Hollywood Cemetery. Her obituary read: "Mrs. Marshall J. Cooper, 68, of 4407 Chapman Street, died in a local hospital at 2:30 a.m. Friday. She was born in Uvalde County and had lived in Houston 16 years. Survivors are her husband, Marshall J. Cooper; three daughters, Mrs. J. S. Elkins and Miss Jewel Cooper of Houston, Mrs. Effie Dodd of Bertram; six sons, Sylvester, Earl, Lee, Newel, Harper and E. J. Cooper, all of Houston; four sisters, Mrs. Emily Parker, Mrs. Ethel Graham of Houston and Mrs. Lillie Parker and Mrs. Nora Williams of Cuero; three brothers, Jim Rice of Houston, Van Rice and Truman Rice of Yoakum. Funeral services at 3:30 Sunday in the Fogle-West Chapel, with Rev. M. A. Treadwell, assisted by Rev. W. E. Jones, officiating. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery. Pallbearers: Alden Foster, J. E. Hanna, L. A. Larry, Roy Fincher, Tommy Goddard and Dane Mason."
     She and Marshall Jerone Cooper moved to Houston in 1929. Mary Adeline "Addie" Rice and Marshall Jerone Cooper resided between 1929 and 1930 at Houston; with parents, Marshall and Mary A., grandmother, Harriet (widow Sylvester), sister Jewell, brothers Harper and E.J. Lee was an agent for Reliable Life & Accident Insurance Company. In the 1930-31 Houston City Directory, he is listed at 130 (14) Anderson with Harper, Effie, Jewel and grandmother Harriet.


Marshall Jerone Cooper b. Aug 23, 1872, d. Jul 1, 1961

Nancy "Emily" Rice

F, (May 21, 1878 - Apr 23, 1961)
FatherOren Adelbert Rice b. Jul 8, 1855, d. Jan 25, 1925
MotherMary Alice Hodges b. Dec 16, 1859, d. Jan 12, 1931
RelationshipGrandaunt of Anita Jean Cooper
Nancy "Emily" (Rice) Parker
     Nancy "Emily" Rice was born on May 21, 1878 at DeWitt County, Texas. She married James Edward Parker, son of William J. Parker and Mary Clay, on Aug 10, 1904 at Houston. Nancy "Emily" Parker died on Apr 23, 1961 at Houston, Harris County, at age 82 [died of acute cerebral hemorrhage and hypertension. Informant was friend, Mrs. Nelda Griggs] and was buried at Alexander Cemetery.
     She had no children; name on death certificate is Nancy Emily Parker. She raised one girl. Her husband is no relation to Clem Parker.


James Edward Parker b. Nov 8, 1876, d. Nov 21, 1960

Lilly Ann Rice

F, (Nov 7, 1881 - Jun 15, 1963)
FatherOren Adelbert Rice b. Jul 8, 1855, d. Jan 25, 1925
MotherMary Alice Hodges b. Dec 16, 1859, d. Jan 12, 1931
RelationshipGrandaunt of Anita Jean Cooper
Delbert, Clem, Tom, Lilly (Rice), Lewis and Alice Parker (about 1913)
     Lilly Ann Rice was born on Nov 7, 1881 at Stratton, DeWitt County, Texas. She married Stephen Clemence "Clem" Parker, son of John Henry Parker and Joanna Hartman, on Jun 22, 1905 at DeWitt County, Texas. Lilly Ann Parker died on Jun 15, 1963 at Cuero at age 81 [of pneumonia and stroke; informant S. C. Parker; certificate no 35858] and was buried at Alexander Cemetery.


Stephen Clemence "Clem" Parker b. Nov 2, 1884, d. Oct 8, 1965

James Melton Rice

M, (Jan 20, 1884 - Apr 30, 1959)
FatherOren Adelbert Rice b. Jul 8, 1855, d. Jan 25, 1925
MotherMary Alice Hodges b. Dec 16, 1859, d. Jan 12, 1931
RelationshipGranduncle of Anita Jean Cooper
James Melton Rice
     James Melton Rice was born on Jan 20, 1884 at Stratton, DeWitt County, Texas. He married Lilly Ann Granberry, daughter of Jim Berry Granberry and Hellen Cooper, on Apr 24, 1912 at DeWitt County, Texas. James Melton Rice died on Apr 30, 1959 at Harris County at age 75 and was buried at Brookside Cemetery in Houston.
     The 1930 Federal Census enumerated him as head of household Houston, Harris County, Texas. The 1940 Federal Census enumerated him as head of household on in 1940 Houston. He was a machinist for Houston Transit Co.


Lilly Ann Granberry b. Feb 22, 1896