Wallace Harrell Sirmon

M, (Dec 31, 1907 - Apr 23, 1991)
FatherGeorge Washington Sirmon b. Mar 10, 1851, d. Sep 20, 1942
MotherManirva John Wood b. Apr 28, 1864, d. 1912
     Wallace Harrell Sirmon was born on Dec 31, 1907 at Stratton, DeWitt County, Texas. He married Hazel Pierce on May 16, 1930. Wallace Harrell Sirmon died on Apr 23, 1991 at Parker County, Texas, at age 83.


Hazel Pierce

Virginia Douglas Brunner

F, (1908 - 1997)
     Virginia Douglas Brunner was born in 1908. She married Ernest Holdon Chesney, son of Thomas Perry Chesney and Minnie Jane Custer. Virginia Douglas Brunner died in 1997.


Ernest Holdon Chesney b. 1905, d. 1966

Mattie Mae Gilstrap

F, (1908 - 1998)
     Mattie Mae Gilstrap was born in 1908 at Texas. She married James Thomas Webb, son of William Walter Webb and Inez Wood, on Sep 26, 1926 at Cuero, DeWitt County, Texas. Mattie Mae Gilstrap died in 1998 at Skidmore, Bee County, Texas.


James Thomas Webb b. Jun 9, 1899, d. Apr 26, 1981

Paul Cooper

M, (1908 - )
FatherJohn Marion Cooper b. Jan 3, 1878, d. May 2, 1938
MotherVerde Scruggs b. Jan 20, 1876, d. Jun 4, 1965
Relationship5th cousin of Anita Jean Cooper
     Paul Cooper was born in 1908. He married Zonnie Blake in 1927.


Zonnie Blake b. 1908

Zonnie Blake

F, (1908 - )
     Zonnie Blake was born in 1908. She married Paul Cooper, son of John Marion Cooper and Verde Scruggs, in 1927.


Paul Cooper b. 1908

Emmit Joel (E.J.) Stevens

M, (1908 - 1979)
FatherJohn Leonard Stevens b. Jan 14, 1875, d. Sep 13, 1945
MotherAnnie Eliza Byars b. Jan 31, 1878, d. Feb 25, 1964
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Emmit Joel (E.J.) Stevens was born in 1908. He died in 1979.

Joseph Ferrell Byars

M, (1908 - 1918)
FatherHenry William Byars b. Aug 20, 1882, d. Feb 1, 1947
MotherLeura Deida Cook b. Jan 12, 1883, d. Jan 12, 1958
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Joseph Ferrell Byars was born in 1908. He died in 1918.

Wilby Wetzel Garrett

M, (1908 - 1987)
FatherJoseph Kelly Garrett b. Apr 3, 1860, d. Oct 16, 1928
MotherMartha Ann Collins b. Dec 25, 1865, d. Sep 13, 1946
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Wilby Wetzel Garrett was born in 1908. He died in 1987.

Ward Brown Garrett

M, (1908 - 1946)
FatherIsham Beason (Ice) Garrett b. Feb 27, 1876, d. Sep 8, 1968
MotherFrances Margaret Kyle
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Ward Brown Garrett was born in 1908. He died in 1946.

Elvis Wesley Newman

M, (Jan 2, 1908 - Oct 18, 1936)
FatherGeorge Washington "Bud" Newman b. Jan 31, 1888, d. Nov 8, 1975
MotherSarah Melvina Elam b. Jan 12, 1889, d. Mar 2, 1980
Relationship2nd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Elvis Wesley Newman was born on Jan 2, 1908 at Comanche County, Texas. He married Anna Walker on Mar 5, 1929. Elvis Wesley Newman died on Oct 18, 1936 at Howard County, Texas, at age 28 [in a car-truck collision. He was hauling cotton seed.]. He was buried at Smiley Cemetery, Gonzales County, Texas.


Anna Walker b. Dec 3, 1907, d. Apr 8, 1974

Willie B. Means

F, (Jan 8, 1908 - Jan 22, 1908)
FatherJoseph Arnold "Jodie" Means b. Oct 26, 1877, d. Feb 25, 1932
MotherFlorence Benina Wood b. Dec 9, 1883, d. Apr 7, 1920
Relationship2nd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Willie B. Means was born on Jan 8, 1908. She died on Jan 22, 1908 and was buried at Alexander Cemetery, DeWitt County, Texas.

Selma Annie Brownson

F, (Feb 5, 1908 - Feb 25, 1985)
FatherAlmond Bates Brownson
MotherEstella Lee Chambless
     Selma Annie Brownson was born on Feb 5, 1908 at Sandies, Colorado County, Texas. She married William Jackson Garrett, son of Harry Garrett and Violettie Adeline Wood, on May 17, 1937 at Harris County, Texas. Selma Annie Brownson died on Feb 25, 1985 at Santa Anna, Coleman County, Texas, at age 77.


William Jackson Garrett b. Feb 10, 1911, d. Sep 7, 1994

Clyde Harper

M, (Feb 9, 1908 - Jan 9, 1978)
     Clyde Harper was born on Feb 9, 1908 at Cross, Texas. He married Neva Scless Wood, daughter of Oscar Lee Wood and Ida V. Webb, on Apr 26, 1953. Clyde Harper died on Jan 9, 1978 at age 69.


Neva Scless Wood b. Mar 17, 1910

Silisteen "Tena" Slaydon

F, (Feb 10, 1908 - Feb 11, 1990)
     Silisteen "Tena" Slaydon was born on Feb 10, 1908. She married Selman "Everett" Cozart, son of Simeon "Sam" Cozart and Martha "Mattie" Hodges, on May 30, 1927. Silisteen "Tena" Slaydon died on Feb 11, 1990 at age 82.


Selman "Everett" Cozart b. Oct 3, 1901, d. Jul 10, 1979

Lee Daniel Cooper

M, (Feb 13, 1908 - May 31, 1996)
FatherMarshall Jerone Cooper b. Aug 23, 1872, d. Jul 1, 1961
MotherMary Adeline "Addie" Rice b. Mar 28, 1876, d. Jan 26, 1945
RelationshipFather of Anita Jean Cooper
Lee Daniel Cooper, 1933
     Lee Daniel Cooper was born on Feb 13, 1908 at Fordtran, Victoria County; affidavit by Marshall Jerone Cooper, his mark, and Roy Leslie Fincher in 1955. He married May Jean Peterson, daughter of Jorgen Hoffman Peterson and Marie Emilie Lønberg, on Sep 10, 1933 at 1311 Holman Street, Houston, Texas; by Rev. Detlev Baltzer, Pastor. Lee Daniel Cooper died on May 31, 1996 at Pasadena, Harris County, Texas, at age 88 and was buried at Brookside Cemetery in Houston, Texas.
     He was about 14 years old when the family went on a trip to make harvests along the way of cotton, corn, etc. They had a large travelers wagon with bunk beds and a kitchen on the back and two horses named Buttons and Bald Eagle. Sylvester, Earl and Lee rode on horses. The girls and younger children rode in the wagon. At night they would stop at a wagon yard (like today's motel) where a shed for the wagon and two horse stalls were furnished. In back was a place to build a fire to cook on. It was up high enough so one didn't have to squat down to tend the fire. The family lived in the wagon while staying there. He and Sylvester Adelbert "Curley" Cooper were worked at McCurdy Dairy farm just outside of Cuero, Texas. Lee Daniel Cooper worked at Todd Shipyard during WW II, sold insurance door-to-door for Reliable Insurance Company between 1933 and 1936. He and May Jean Cooper resided between Sep 11, 1933 and 1936 at Galveston, Galveston County, Texas, 3 blocks from the beach. They rented from Mr & Mrs Cheesborough. They had to move just before Norman was born because of a strict no children policy. Lee Daniel Cooperare listed in City Directory in in 1935 at at Houston; truck driver, Powell Truck Line, 1512 McaGregor Ave. Heare listed in City Directory in in 1936 at at Galveston; agent, Washington National Insurance. He and May Jean Cooper resided between 1937 and 1938 at Houston, TX; date approximate. Lee Daniel Cooper worked as a carpenter, and Tennison Motors on McKinney St in Houston, then worked for a trucking company before going into business for himself between 1937 and 1947. He and May Jean Cooper resided between 1938 and 1947. The 1940 Federal Census enumerated him as head of household on on Apr 25, 1940 Houston, Harris, Texas, worked as a collector for an auto dealer; owned home, value 1200; attended school 7th grade; May G Cooper, attended school H-2; Hoffman Peterson attended school H-4; Marie attended school H-4; May's best friend, Claire Hillburn, age 54, 1317 Marshall St. also on this census page. Lee Cooper's WW II Draft Card in 1940 or Jan, 1941 He was not accepted because he had a "film on his lungs," also was 32 yrs old; married with1 child, age 5. Lee Daniel Cooperare listed in City Directory in in 1942 at at Houston; resided with wife May Jean, 2 children, was a collector at Tenison Motors Company on McKinney St. He was the owner-operator of L.D. Cooper Trucking and Contracting, Inc., 4711 Edison then 7725 Parkhurst Dr., Houston, TX. For many years, he hauled oil field equipment throughout the state of Texas. Later, he loaded steel and pipe from ships in the Houston Ship Channel onto his trucks. He had a steel and pipe storage yard.
When his daughter, Anita, was a young teenager, she went with him while he was off-loading some creosote poles. He had told her to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. She thought she knew best and didn't. That evening, Anita was so tired and sunburned. Next time, she took his advice! Between 1947 and 1983 at Houston, Texas. He and May Jean Cooper resided between 1949 and 1956 at Houston, Harris County, Texas. The 1950 Federal Census enumerated him as head of household on on Apr 10, 1950 Houston, Harris County, Texas; ED 263-96, page 72, line 27: Lee D. head, age 42,born Texas, solicator for oil field transportation company; May, wife, age 32, born Texas; son Norman L., age 13, born Texas; daughter Anita J., age 8, born Texas. Lee Daniel Cooper and May Jean Cooper resided between 1956 and 1959 at Houston, Texas. Lee Daniel Cooper and May Jean Cooper resided between 1974 and 1983 at Houston, Texas. Lee Daniel Cooper and May Jean Cooper resided between 1983 and 1996 at Deer Park, Texas. Lee Daniel Cooper was a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas # 6140 James Pinckney Henderson Class, San Jacinto Chapter No. 1. He enjoyed hunting and fishing. Over the years, Lee had hunting leases in Llano and Mason counties in Texas. The one he held the longest was leased from Billy Bode. He and Billy became good friends. Lee took his customers there in the winter primarily for deer hunting. Wives and children would go with the men quite often. Lee purchased two railroad cars and converted them to a kitchen and sleeping quarters. This was pure luxury compared to the years before of camping, sleeping under the stars or in tents and cooking over wood fires. We had lots of fun memories of all these times. Roughing it seems to bring the most memories. We camped often near a cold spring. Even in the winter times, we enjoyed that creek. One particular night, we arrived late and tired under pitch black skies. We put our sleeping bags on the ground and bedded down. Next morning, we discovered we were sleeping on tree roots sticking out of the ground. No wonder we were all moaning and groaning. One occasion, a bobcat was killed and hung over a fence. Later that evening, while the stew was cooking on the campfire, someone noticed the bobcat was gone. Everyone accused the 'cook' of putting it in the stew. We never knew for sure, but that stew was exceptionally good that night!


May Jean Peterson b. Apr 18, 1917, d. Dec 22, 1995

Dedie James Bowen

M, (Feb 23, 1908 - Nov 23, 1975)
FatherDavid Bowen b. Aug 26, 1876, d. Jan 5, 1923
MotherHermana Magdeline "Maggie" Rice b. May 8, 1876
Relationship1st cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Dedie James Bowen was born on Feb 23, 1908. He married Gussie Knox on Jun 22, 1932 at Laredo, Texas. Dedie James Bowen died on Nov 23, 1975 at Houston at age 67 died of arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease; informant wife Gussie Bowen. He was buried at Houston National Cemetery.
     He served during World War II.


Gussie Knox b. 1913, d. 1999

William Henry Creek

M, (Mar 11, 1908 - Sep 1, 1984)
FatherIsaac Elmer Creek b. Mar 4, 1879, d. Jul 15, 1968
MotherEstella Elizabeth Newman b. Oct 27, 1885, d. May 30, 1965
Relationship2nd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     William Henry Creek was buried at Huntsville, Texas. He was born on Mar 11, 1908 at Comanche County, Texas. He was born on Nov 3, 1908 at Vandyke, Texas. He married Lela Wayne Arnold on Nov 4, 1928 at Coleman County, Texas. William Henry Creek died on Sep 1, 1984 at Coleman County, Texas, at age 76.


Lela Wayne Arnold b. May 9, 1911

Horace Charles Cozart

M, (May 30, 1908 - Feb 19, 1968)
FatherSimeon "Sam" Cozart b. 1880
MotherMartha "Mattie" Hodges b. Oct 20, 1876, d. May 5, 1965
Relationship1st cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Horace Charles Cozart was born on May 30, 1908. He married Maude Grenier in Jun, 1926. Horace Charles Cozart died on Feb 19, 1968 at age 59.


Maude Grenier d. Apr 22, 2003

Barnett Hardin Whitney

M, (Jun 5, 1908 - Jun 22, 1992)
     Barnett Hardin Whitney was born on Jun 5, 1908 at Texas. He died on Jun 22, 1992 at Humble, Harris County, Texas, at age 84.

Sylvester Alfonso Butler

M, (Jun 18, 1908 - Dec 9, 1979)
FatherJohn Christopher Butler b. Sep 16, 1876, d. Jul 30, 1950
MotherMary Jane Newman b. Jul 27, 1877, d. Feb 20, 1930
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Sylvester Alfonso Butler was born on Jun 18, 1908 at Nordheim, DeWitt County, Texas. He married Elizabeth Simek on Jun 18, 1935 at Nordheim. Sylvester Alfonso Butler died on Dec 9, 1979 at Cuero, DeWitt County, Texas, at age 71 and was buried at Nordheim Cemetery in Nordheim.
     He was a farmer.


Elizabeth Simek b. Feb 23, 1917

Walter Roy Cooper Sr.

M, (Jul 28, 1908 - Apr 27, 1974)
FatherWalter Romeo Cooper b. May 5, 1882, d. Dec 29, 1963
MotherKatie Lee Bradshaw b. Feb 2, 1885, d. Apr 29, 1925
Relationship5th cousin of Anita Jean Cooper
     Walter Roy Cooper Sr. was born on Jul 28, 1908 at Camp County, Texas. He married Myrtle Beatrice Roach in 1929. Walter Roy Cooper Sr. died on Apr 27, 1974 at Dallas, Texas, at age 65.


Myrtle Beatrice Roach b. Feb 18, 1911, d. May 5, 1995

Winnie Mae Watson

F, (Aug 9, 1908 - Nov 14, 1989)
FatherThomas Frank Watson b. 1871, d. 1933
MotherNina Maude Chisholm b. Aug 30, 1881, d. Sep 27, 1920
Relationship2nd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Winnie Mae Watson married George Tucker Christall. Winnie Mae Watson married Hardy Dugan. Winnie Mae Watson was born on Aug 9, 1908. She died on Nov 14, 1989 at Roswell, New Mexico, at age 81 and was buried in Del Rio, Texas.

Family 1

Hardy Dugan

Mamie Viola Webb

F, (Aug 16, 1908 - Nov 23, 1992)
FatherWilliam Walter Webb b. Jul 3, 1870, d. Dec 28, 1936
MotherInez Wood b. Aug 21, 1881, d. Jun 18, 1962
Relationship2nd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Mamie Viola Webb was born on Aug 16, 1908 at Port Lavaca, Calhoun County, Texas. She married Joe Bridges Newman on Jun 19, 1927 at Sinton, San Patricio County, Texas. Mamie Viola Webb married P. A. Seay on Sep 26, 1960 at Abilene, Texas. Mamie Viola Seay died on Nov 23, 1992 at Abilene, Texas, at age 84.

Family 1

Joe Bridges Newman b. Dec 28, 1899, d. Mar 10, 1938

Family 2

P. A. Seay

Louise Ethel Wood

F, (Aug 17, 1908 - )
FatherOscar Lee Wood b. Jul 17, 1878, d. Jun 14, 1932
MotherIda V. Webb b. Feb 5, 1881, d. Jul 4, 1912
Relationship2nd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Louise Ethel Wood was born on Aug 17, 1908 at Leesville, Gonzales County, Texas. She married Johnny Ben Lanphier, son of (?) Lanphier, on Aug 6, 1927 at Brownsville, Texas.


Johnny Ben Lanphier b. Mar 9, 1901, d. Nov 11, 1983

del Norte Meneck Robinson

F, (Aug 22, 1908 - Sep 22, 1983)
     Del Norte Meneck Robinson was born on Aug 22, 1908 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She married Seth Samuel Granberry, son of Lee Floyd Granberry and Deenie Bell Rice, on Jun 10, 1944 at Charleston, South Carolina. Del Norte Meneck Granberry died on Sep 22, 1983 at Houston, Harris County, Texas, at age 75.


Seth Samuel Granberry b. Dec 9, 1914, d. Sep 23, 1989

Melba Lee Burt

F, (Sep 2, 1908 - )
     Melba Lee Burt was born on Sep 2, 1908. She married William Jennings Bryan Butler, son of John Christopher Butler and Mary Jane Newman, on Oct 27, 1923 at DeWitt County, Texas.


William Jennings Bryan Butler b. Jul 21, 1899, d. Feb 11, 1974

Murrell Lucian Wheeler

M, (Sep 4, 1908 - Oct 5, 1972)
     Murrell Lucian Wheeler was born on Sep 4, 1908 at Gainesville, Texas. He married Sudie Arvilla Allen on Jun 16, 1928 at Dallas, Texas. Murrell Lucian Wheeler died on Oct 5, 1972 at Indianapolis, Indiana, at age 64.


Sudie Arvilla Allen b. May 19, 1910

Warren Donald Wilt

M, (Sep 18, 1908 - Apr 7, 1987)
FatherWalter Ulysses Wilt b. May 7, 1875, d. Apr 14, 1964
MotherLouise Ann Miller b. May 5, 1877, d. Jan 10, 1948
Relationship4th cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Warren Donald Wilt was born on Sep 18, 1908 at Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio. He married Marie Magdaline Tapert on Sep 7, 1932 at Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. Warren Donald Wilt died on Apr 7, 1987 at West Bloomfield, Oakland County, Michigan, at age 78.


Marie Magdaline Tapert b. Aug 6, 1909, d. Jul 9, 1987

Marion Lee Newman

M, (Oct 6, 1908 - )
FatherJames Milton Newman b. Oct 16, 1859, d. May 9, 1938
MotherPolly Elam b. Oct 31, 1871, d. Sep 4, 1956
     Marion Lee Newman married Beatrice Dillard. Marion Lee Newman was born on Oct 6, 1908.

William Edward Rogers

M, (Dec 21, 1908 - Jan 31, 1971)
     William Edward Rogers was born on Dec 21, 1908 at Houston, Harris County, Texas. He died on Jan 31, 1971 at Houston, Harris County, Texas, at age 62.