Alfred Jensen Bay

M, (1884 - 1953)
     Alfred Jensen Bay was born in 1884 at Rudkobing, Langeland Island, Denmark. He married Alpha Belle Hodges, daughter of James Pinkney Hodges and Talitha Nora Rice, in 1924 at Ajo, Arizona. Alfred Jensen Bay died in 1953 at Chico, California.
     He was a member of the Danish gymnastic team at the 1904 Olympics in St Louis, MO and 1908 Olympics in London. He emigrated on May 16, 1911; from Denmark to the United States.


Alpha Belle Hodges b. Mar 25, 1899, d. Jul 31, 1967

Herbert Fleming

M, (1884 - 1884)
FatherJames Fleming
MotherLucy Armantha Witham b. 1857, d. 1920
Relationship3rd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Herbert Fleming died in 1884. He was born in 1884.

Luther King Autrey

M, (1884 - 1950)
FatherJoseph Earl Autrey b. Jun 15, 1842, d. Oct 17, 1893
MotherLouisiana A. Hollan b. Mar 15, 1847, d. Jul 21, 1915
Relationship2nd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Luther King Autrey was born in 1884. He died in 1950.

John Wesley Byars II

M, (1884 - 1965)
FatherJohn Wesley Byars b. Jul 30, 1863, d. Jun 3, 1884
MotherLeona Halsel
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     John Wesley Byars II was born in 1884. He died in 1965.

Lucy Blanche Skipton

F, (1884 - 1962)
FatherWallace Rudolpho Skipton b. Jul 2, 1864, d. Aug 7, 1929
MotherZilpha Abigail Cheadle b. Jun 28, 1858, d. Jul 4, 1927
Relationship3rd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Lucy Blanche Skipton was born in 1884. She died in 1962.

James Melton Rice

M, (Jan 20, 1884 - Apr 30, 1959)
FatherOren Adelbert Rice b. Jul 8, 1855, d. Jan 25, 1925
MotherMary Alice Hodges b. Dec 16, 1859, d. Jan 12, 1931
RelationshipGranduncle of Anita Jean Cooper
James Melton Rice
     James Melton Rice was born on Jan 20, 1884 at Stratton, DeWitt County, Texas. He married Lilly Ann Granberry, daughter of Jim Berry Granberry and Hellen Cooper, on Apr 24, 1912 at DeWitt County, Texas. James Melton Rice died on Apr 30, 1959 at Harris County at age 75 and was buried at Brookside Cemetery in Houston.
     He served on Sep 12, 1918 draft registration card. The 1930 Federal Census enumerated him as head of household Houston, Harris County, Texas. The 1940 Federal Census enumerated him as head of household on in 1940 Houston. He was a machinist for Houston Transit Co.from death certificate; railroad machinist for Southern Pacific, from WWI Draft card.


Lilly Ann Granberry b. Feb 22, 1896

Marie Emilie Lønberg

F, (Feb 2, 1884 - Jul 26, 1975)
FatherMogens Peter Lønberg b. May 11, 1842, d. Mar 16, 1900
MotherKaren Marie Christensdatter b. Dec 16, 1838, d. Jun 12, 1912
RelationshipGrandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
Hoffman and Marie (Lønberg) Peterson, 1910
     Marie Emilie Lønberg was born on Feb 2, 1884 at Sct. Johannes Sogn, Copenhagen, Denmark. She was christened on Jun 15, 1884 at Sankt Johannes Sogn, Kobenhavn, Denmark. She married Jorgen Hoffman Peterson, son of Peder II Pedersen and Johanne Peders-Datter, on Aug 11, 1910 at Fargo, Cass County, North Dakota; Witnesses were Andrea M. Jensen of Moorhead, Minnesota and Fred J. Krogh of Fargo, North Dakota; ceremony performed by Rev. N. J. Peterson (brother of Jorgen Hoffman Peterson), an ordained Minister, Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Marie was 26, Hoffman was 47 yrs old. Marie Emilie Peterson married Paul Emil Carlson on Sep 8, 1950 at Houston, Harris County, Texas; lived at 7922 Adrian, Houston, Texas, 77012. Marie Emilie Carlson died on Jul 26, 1975 at Houston, Harris County, Texas, at age 91 of cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and was buried at Forest Park East Cemetery in Webster.

     Marie Emilie Lønberg was born on February 2, 1884 at Sct. Johannes Sogn (District), Copenhagen, Denmark. Her father died in 1900 when she was 16 years old. She worked at Illums Department Store in downtown Copenhagen as a secretary for the owner. She spoke Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and German. Family strife caused her, at the age of 25, to leave Copenhagen for the United States. She traveled on the S.S. United States under contract number 3053. She arrived at Ellis Island on August 24, 1909. Her destination was listed as Fort France, Ontario, Canada, which is just across the Rainy River from International Falls, Minnesota. She was living in Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota when she met Jörgen Hoffman Peterson, son of Peder Pedersen and Johanne Peders-Datter. They were married on August 11, 1910 at Fargo, Cass County, North Dakota.

     After ten years of marriage, Marie decided to take her three daughters home to her family in Denmark. She and May stayed with her sister Anna; Esther stayed with sister Bertha; Helen stayed with sister Ingeborg. After a year, the girls were speaking fluent Danish and had almost forgotten English. Marie could not find suitable employment and the family situation was less than pleasant. Marie and the girls returned to Texas. Marie worked as a practical nurse, nanny and housemaid for affluent families in Houston. Hoffman attained a passport in 1921 but no records have been discovered of him using it. She and Hoffman remained separated until his death in 1948.

     On September 8, 1950, Marie married Paul Emil Carlson, a retired cement finisher and native of Sweden. Marie and Paul lived at 7922 Adrian Street in Houston. Paul died in 1962. Marie enjoyed excellent health all of her life. On July 26, 1975, at 91, she died of old age. She was buried at Forest Park East, Webster, Texas. Her father died when she was 16 years old on Mar 16, 1900 at Copenhagen, Denmark. She was worked at Illum's Department Store in Copenhagen as secretary to the store owner. She emigrated on Aug 24, 1909 from at Copenhagen, Denmark, arriving at Ellis Island, New York, on the S. S. United States. She was 25 yrs old and listed her destination as Fort France, Ontario Canada under contract number 3053; occupation - waitress; Friend: Nels Holbeck, Moorehead, Minnesota. She in 1910 Polk County, Minnesota; is listed in the Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957 [database online]. Orem, UT, edited by Conrad Peterzen. Reel 2, Code 4, Volume D, Page 446. She emigrated on Apr 29, 1910 from Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada; from Fort Frances, Ontario (arrived Montreal, Aug 25, 1909 aboard the SS "United States"), port of arrival - International Falls, Minnesota; age 26, occupation - waitress, speaks English, no relatives, passage paid by Self, Friend: Nels Holbeck, Moorehead, Minnesota, paid $20 head tax status Class-B, #10647; Height - 5' 4", Complexion - Fair, Hair - Brown, Eyes - Blue, Distinguishing Marks - Scar on upper lip; Admitted 4/29/1910, Ferry. She lived in Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota. The 1920 Federal Census enumerated her as head of household on Jan 31, 1920 Justice Precinct 1, Harris County, Texas; Hoffman Peterson, age 56, emigrated 1880, naturalized 1890, can read and write, born Denmark; wife Marie, age 36, emigrated 1910, alien, can read and write, born Denmark; Esther, age 6, born North Dakota, Helen, age 4, born North Dakota, May, age 2, born Texas. She took her three children to Denmark for a year; passport no. 24743; sailed to Denmark aboard the "United States" on May 19, 1921, returned aboard the "Oruna" from Southampton March 26, 1922, arriving in New York on April 17, 1922 from May 19, 1921 to Apr 17, 1922. She and Jorgen Hoffman Peterson resided in 1925 at Houston; where he worked as a dairyman for St Anthony's Home. Marie Emilie Lønberg resided between 1929 and 1930 at Houston. She and Jorgen Hoffman Peterson separated when Helen was 11 or 12 years old.

Family 1

Jorgen Hoffman Peterson b. Apr 6, 1863, d. May 3, 1948

Family 2

Paul Emil Carlson b. Jan 31, 1885, d. Mar 6, 1962

Ansel Charles Byars Sr.

M, (Feb 15, 1884 - Jul 26, 1960)
     Ansel Charles Byars Sr. was born on Feb 15, 1884 at Cowpens, Cherokee County, South Carolina. He married Meta Vassey, daughter of John Jonas Vassey Jr. and Ann Leila Cooper, on Oct 18, 1922. Ansel Charles Byars Sr. died on Jul 26, 1960 at Cherokee County, South Carolina, at age 76.


Meta Vassey b. May 20, 1900, d. Jan 26, 1980

Elizabeth Dubose

F, (Apr 27, 1884 - Oct 21, 1960)
     Elizabeth Dubose was born on Apr 27, 1884 at DeWitt County, Texas. She married James Terry Garrett, son of William Mansfield Garrett and Margaret Ann Byars, in 1909. Elizabeth Dubose died on Oct 21, 1960 at age 76.

Daniel Obediah Cooper

M, (May 1, 1884 - Dec 29, 1940)
FatherIsaac J. Cooper b. 1856, d. after 1921
MotherJosephine Carter
Relationship5th cousin of Anita Jean Cooper
     Daniel Obediah Cooper married Maggie James. Daniel Obediah Cooper was born on May 1, 1884 at Arkansas. He died on Dec 29, 1940 at Poinsett County, Arkansas, at age 56.

James Harrison (Jim) Hollan

M, (Jun 11, 1884 - Jun 11, 1931)
FatherRichard Wiley (Dick) Hollan b. Nov 27, 1848, d. Jun 5, 1915
MotherTexanne Cooper b. Apr 30, 1861, d. Jan 10, 1944
Relationship1st cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
Jim Blakey, Boyd Haril, Jim Hollan
     James Harrison (Jim) Hollan was born on Jun 11, 1884 at Cuero, DeWitt County, Texas. He married Ninnie Goode. James Harrison (Jim) Hollan died on Jun 11, 1931 at Houston, Harris County, Texas, at age 47.


Ninnie Goode b. Jul 31, 1887, d. Mar 12, 1963

Lula Jane Byars

F, (Sep 22, 1884 - Sep 11, 1967)
FatherJoseph Jeremiah Byars b. Jun 17, 1842, d. Feb 20, 1907
MotherGeorgia Ann Sirmon b. Feb 1, 1848, d. Feb 8, 1930
Relationship2nd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Lula Jane Byars married Hugh Joseph Fairly. Lula Jane Byars was born on Sep 22, 1884 at Hays County, Texas. She died on Sep 11, 1967 at age 82.


Hugh Joseph Fairly b. Jul 26, 1874, d. Sep 5, 1939

Bertha Sanders

F, (Sep 28, 1884 - Jul 18, 1966)
FatherJames Casey Sanders b. Mar 7, 1856
MotherSarah E. Dixon b. Sep 23, 1859, d. Aug 23, 1906
Relationship5th cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Bertha Sanders was born on Sep 28, 1884. She married Van C. W. Carey. Bertha Sanders died on Jul 18, 1966 at age 81.


Van C. W. Carey

Oliver Lee Newman Sr.

M, (Oct 21, 1884 - Oct 30, 1944)
FatherLeander Green Newman b. May 23, 1849, d. Apr 2, 1933
MotherMalinda Wofford b. Apr 26, 1857, d. Nov 3, 1918
Relationship2nd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
Oliver Lee Newman
     Oliver Lee Newman Sr. was born on Oct 21, 1884 at Rossville, Atascosa County, Texas. He married Gertrude Harrell on Dec 10, 1908 at Runnels County, Texas. Oliver Lee Newman Sr. married Mildred Ada Yarbrough on Nov 23, 1916 at DeWitt County, Texas. Oliver Lee Newman Sr. died on Oct 30, 1944 at Port Lavaca, Calhoun County, at age 60. He was buried at Nordheim Cemetery, DeWitt County.
     He was a drayman and farmer.

Family 1

Gertrude Harrell b. 1891, d. Oct 8, 1910

Family 2

Mildred Ada Yarbrough b. Aug 14, 1900, d. Jan 19, 1990

Stephen Clemence "Clem" Parker

M, (Nov 2, 1884 - Oct 8, 1965)
FatherJohn Henry Parker b. 1852
MotherJoanna Hartman
     Stephen Clemence "Clem" Parker was born on Nov 2, 1884 at DeWitt County, Texas. He married Lilly Ann Rice, daughter of Oren Adelbert Rice and Mary Alice Hodges, on Jun 22, 1905 at DeWitt County, Texas. Stephen Clemence "Clem" Parker died on Oct 8, 1965 at DeWitt County at age 80. He was buried at Alexander Cemetery.


Lilly Ann Rice b. Nov 7, 1881, d. Jun 15, 1963

Harry Garrett

M, (Dec 26, 1884 - Jan 6, 1965)
FatherJoseph Kelly Garrett b. Apr 3, 1860, d. Oct 16, 1928
MotherMartha Ann Collins b. Dec 25, 1865, d. Sep 13, 1946
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Harry Garrett was born on Dec 26, 1884 at Terryville, DeWitt County, Texas; in Leap Year. He married Violettie Adeline Wood, daughter of James Madison Wood and Amanda Elizabeth Rice, on Sep 21, 1908 at Wharton County, Texas. Harry Garrett died on Jan 6, 1965 at Yoakum, Lavaca County, at age 80 died of prostate cancer; death certificate no 03953; informant Mrs. Violettie Garrett, wife. He was buried by Buffington Funeral Home at Hebron Cemetery, Yoakum.
     He was a farmer-rancher. He resided at Smiley, Gonzales County. He was a farmer-rancher.


Violettie Adeline Wood b. Mar 8, 1891, d. Feb 9, 1971

Minnie Jane Custer

F, (1885 - 1963)
     Minnie Jane Custer was born in 1885. She married Thomas Perry Chesney, son of Alfred Chesney and Nancy Elizabeth Hodges. Minnie Jane Custer died in 1963.


Thomas Perry Chesney b. 1882, d. 1905

Anna Goode

F, (1885 - )
FatherWilliam Arthur "Buddy" Goode b. Aug 28, 1858, d. Aug 27, 1930
MotherAlieuan "Lue" Garrett b. Nov 17, 1863, d. Nov 11, 1961
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Anna Goode was born in 1885 at Texas.

Bertha Katherine Loeffler

F, (1885 - 1968)
     Bertha Katherine Loeffler was born in 1885. She married Benjamin Frazier Neal, son of Andrew Jackson Neal and Mary Talitha Alexander, on Jun 1, 1918 at Mason, Texas. Bertha Katherine Loeffler died in 1968.


Benjamin Frazier Neal b. Apr 13, 1881, d. Sep 5, 1949

Frank O. Haraldson

M, (1885 - 1975)
     Frank O. Haraldson was born in 1885. He married Frances Irene Skipton, daughter of Wallace Rudolpho Skipton and Zilpha Abigail Cheadle. Frank O. Haraldson died in 1975.


Frances Irene Skipton b. Jul 20, 1895, d. Jul 9, 1969

Grover Cleveland Pollard

M, (Jan 16, 1885 - )
FatherJames Newton Pollard b. Sep 30, 1849, d. Feb 18, 1927
MotherSarah E. "Sallie" Hefner b. Feb 28, 1848, d. Apr 13, 1926
Relationship2nd cousin 1 time removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Grover Cleveland Pollard was born on Jan 16, 1885 at Texas.

Bernice Mae Wilson

F, (Jan 25, 1885 - May 26, 1901)
FatherBenjamin Franklin Wilson b. Aug 5, 1844, d. Jun 12, 1916
MotherCarolyn Schofield b. Apr 13, 1852, d. May 12, 1896
Relationship2nd cousin 3 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Bernice Mae Wilson was born on Jan 25, 1885. She died on May 26, 1901 at age 16.

Paul Emil Carlson

M, (Jan 31, 1885 - Mar 6, 1962)
     Paul Emil Carlson was born on Jan 31, 1885 at Sweden. He married Marie Emilie Peterson, daughter of Mogens Peter Lønberg and Karen Marie Christensdatter, on Sep 8, 1950 at Houston, Harris County, Texas; lived at 7922 Adrian, Houston, Texas, 77012. Paul Emil Carlson died on Mar 6, 1962 at Houston, Harris County, Texas, at age 77. He was buried at Forest Park East Cemetery, Webster, Texas.
     He passport no. 151125 on Oct 26, 1949. He was cement finisher.


Marie Emilie Lønberg b. Feb 2, 1884, d. Jul 26, 1975

Katie Lee Bradshaw

F, (Feb 2, 1885 - Apr 29, 1925)
     Katie Lee Bradshaw was born on Feb 2, 1885 at Anna, Collin County, Texas. She married Walter Romeo Cooper, son of Rufus Landrum Cooper and Lucinda Feagans, on Jul 12, 1901 at Pittsburgh, Camp County, Texas. Katie Lee Bradshaw died on Apr 29, 1925 at Mount Vernon, Franklin County, Texas, at age 40.


Walter Romeo Cooper b. May 5, 1882, d. Dec 29, 1963

Minnie Pearlee Goyne

F, (Mar 16, 1885 - Jun 9, 1958)
FatherJefferson Davis Goyne b. Dec 8, 1852, d. Dec 21, 1935
MotherLenis Angelina Honeycutt b. Feb 17, 1858, d. Dec 15, 1929
Relationship2nd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Minnie Pearlee Goyne was born on Mar 16, 1885 at Iredell, Bosque County, Texas. She married James Henry William Loader on Dec 20, 1903 at Bosque County, Texas. Minnie Pearlee Goyne died on Jun 9, 1958 at Abilene, Taylor County, Texas, at age 73.

Louis Levi Shugart

M, (Apr 4, 1885 - Nov 23, 1963)
     Louis Levi Shugart was born on Apr 4, 1885 at Round Mountain, Blanco County, Texas. He married Lola Ann Hodges, daughter of James Pinkney Hodges and Talitha Nora Rice, on Dec 3, 1913 at Eldorado, Schleicher County, Texas. Louis Levi Shugart died on Nov 23, 1963 at Phoenix, Arizona, at age 78.
     The 1930 Federal Census enumerated him as head of household on Apr 9, 1930 Raytown, Pinal County, Arizona.


Lola Ann Hodges b. Jun 4, 1892, d. Oct 24, 1975

Allie Goode

F, (Apr 16, 1885 - Jan 7, 1949)
     Allie Goode was born on Apr 16, 1885. She married Charles William Hollan, son of Richard Wiley (Dick) Hollan and Texanne Cooper. Allie Goode died on Jan 7, 1949 at Houston, Harris County, Texas, at age 63.


Charles William Hollan b. Feb 26, 1886, d. Feb 11, 1945

Fred Warren Wilt

M, (Apr 16, 1885 - Nov 1, 1969)
FatherJames Wilt b. Jun 1, 1846, d. Aug 1, 1928
MotherMary Frances Witham b. Oct 9, 1849, d. Mar 10, 1939
Relationship3rd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Fred Warren Wilt was born on Apr 16, 1885 at Royalton, Amanda Township, Fairfield County, Ohio. He married Ethel Gertrude Creamer on Apr 24, 1915 at Covington, Campbell County, Kentucky. Fred Warren Wilt died on Nov 1, 1969 at Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio, at age 84.


Ethel Gertrude Creamer b. Sep 21, 1887, d. Apr 6, 1982

Jesse James Rice

M, (May 2, 1885 - Dec 15, 1949)
FatherWilliam Henry "Roane" Rice b. Apr 7, 1857, d. May 23, 1923
MotherMary Elizabeth "Lizzie or Lens" Karl b. Aug 4, 1858, d. Jun 18, 1940
Relationship1st cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
Jesse James Rice
     Jesse James Rice was born on May 2, 1885 at Stratton, DeWitt County, Texas. He married Wilhemena Minnie Schulz, daughter of Christian Schulz and Friederika Monke, on Aug 22, 1906 at Yoakum, Lavaca County. Jesse James Rice died on Dec 15, 1949 at Yoakum at age 64 of heart attack; death certificate no 62754; informant Mrs. Agnes Kelley, daughter. Per Kraig Rice: Jesse James Rice had a continuous painful heart attack that lasted for three days. He was buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Yoakum.
     He was educated at Palacios Baptist Academy, Palacios. He then entered the ministry and was an ordained minister in the Missionary Baptist Church.


Wilhemena Minnie Schulz b. Dec 24, 1887, d. May 1, 1976

Nathan Carrell Harrell

M, (May 18, 1885 - Jan 20, 1964)
     Nathan Carrell Harrell was born on May 18, 1885. He married Sarah Evelyn Newman, daughter of James Milton Newman and Mary Elizabeth Rice, on Jan 21, 1909 at Runnels County, Texas. Nathan Carrell Harrell died on Jan 20, 1964 at Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas, at age 78.


Sarah Evelyn Newman b. May 5, 1891, d. May 27, 1980